One-to-one Pilates Equipment Sessions

One-to-one Pilates Equipment Sessions if you:

Want a more personalised service to get the best focus on your body?
Have an Injury or condition and need a more personalised program?
Have been recommended by your health professional to start with Pilates equipment sessions?

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One to one Pilates session

Injury Rehabilitation Pilates

Injury Rehabilitation Pilates gives you access to the large Pilates equipment with a personalised program and your own highly experienced Pilates instructor to guide and correct you personally in our Pilates Studios in Canberra. The instructor will let you know exactly what to do and how to do it, correcting your technique and progressing you to more difficult Pilates exercises when you are ready.

You will only share your instructor with two or three other clients, so you are guaranteed to get all the focus on your body that you need. To access Rehab Pilates you will usually need to complete a couple of ‘One to One’ sessions, so that we can create a program perfect for you and transition you into the semi-private Rehab Pilates sessions successfully.

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About PilatesCan

We provide a clinical focus to delivering Pilates in our relaxed and comfortable studio environments with a personalised, friendly, inclusive approach. We have a team of highly qualified and experienced Pilates instructors; our senior instructors have completed the Advanced Diploma of the Pilates Method and have over 10,000 hours each in professional Pilates delivery experience.

This is why many allied health professionals such as General Practitioners, Physiotherapists Osteopaths and Chiropractors trust us with their patients and regularly refer them to us.

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Semi-Private Pilates Equipment Sessions

Semi-Private Pilates Equipment sessions give you access to the large Pilates equipment with a personalised program and your own highly experienced pilates equipment instructor to guide and correct you personally.

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Semi-private session

Continuing Matwork

We have over 15 Pilates Matwork classes per week, from beginners, progressing through to level 6, so that you will always be working at an appropriate level depending on your previous Pilates experience.

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Fat Loss, Fun & Fitness

Some of the benefits of Pilates include core stability, postural alignment and mental wellbeing.

PilatesCan also assist clients to successfully transition to other forms of fitness training including heavier resistance and cardio training

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