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  • Pleasure

    PilatesCan assist you with making every movement:

    • ico-figure-green-one
      More of a pleasure
    • ico-figure-green-two
      More effective and fun 4 U
    • ico-figure-green-three
      Less likely to cause future injury

    If you are reasonably healthy with no spinal injury or other chronic conditions you can most likely start Pilates with one of our cost effective Beginners Pilates Mat Courses


    You can also access our studio instructors and equipment for the more
    personalised approach

  • Pain

    PilatesCan assist you with making every movement:

    • ico-figure-blue-one
      Less painful
    • ico-figure-blue-two
      Take you closer to good health
    • ico-figure-blue-three
      More like it used to be 4 U

    If you are suffering from post-injury or a chronic condition, PilatesCan assists you with your Personalised Pilates Exercise Science based Rehabilitation program, aimed at helping you to your best possible state of personal wellbeing.

    We will start you with a personalised approach to get the best result for you.